Convert .org to .docx with citations

Last year around this time, I was working on a paper and it was requested that I submit it to the professor in .docx format for easier commenting. I hadn’t really built this into my workflow at the time (always going from .org or .tex straight to .pdf), and so I decided to figure out how to do it. Now exporting to .docx isn’t really too much of a problem with Org-mode, since you can export to an LibreOffice .

Exporting to .pdf via latexmk in Org Mode 8.0

I am a big fan of Org-Mode. I like its pared-down syntax and general power. One problem that I was having, though, was getting my citations to show up in my exported PDFs–the export mechanism just wasn’t processing them. There is a pretty easy solution to this, though–you can use latexmk as the export process. This thread on StackExchange gives suggestions on how to do that with some earlier version(s) of Org-Mode, but it wasn’t working in my more recent version.