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How can philosophers unfamiliar with non-Western philosophies teach courses on ancient ethics beyond the canons of classical Greek and …

What are the virtues that enable students to flourish as students, and how can we as teachers help our students cultivate those …

No platforming has become increasingly common on college campuses in recent years, and interminable polemics have raged about if it is …

Augusto Salazar Bondy was a major twentieth-century Peruvian philosopher. His work, however, is virtually unknown in the world of …

What can faculty do to help their graduate students become better teachers and TAs? In this panel and discussion, graduate students …

What is the relationship between the self and normativity? Christine Korsgaard has proposed an influential answer to this question: the …

Stephen Darwall’s The Second-Person Standpoint is an ambitious attempt to ground all moral obligations in the authoritative and …



Courses Taught



Virtue Ethics Normative Ethics, Some Non-Western
Bioethics Applied Ethics
Metaethics “Meta”
Ancient Ethics History, Ethics, Some Non-Western
Latin American Philosophy Non-Western Philosophy
Meaning of Life General Philosophy, Some Non-Western

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Publications and Presentations on Pedagogy

GU Philosophy Pedagogy Group Sessions

  • Improving Discussions in the Philosophy Classroom
  • Conversation on Summer Teaching
  • Debates in the Philosophy Classroom
  • Assigning and Grading Papers
  • Teaching Philosophy You Don’t Know
  • Beyond Syllabus Day: Making the First Day of Class Count
  • Using Exams and Quizzes in Philosophy
  • Teaching Close Reading in Philosophy
  • Course Planning and Syllabus Design