Workshop: The Virtues of Good Students

In this workshop, we provide an interactive introduction to virtue pedagogy (extending our [presentation at TLISI](/talk/2019-05_tlisi_virtues-of-good-students/).)

Teaching Comparative Perspectives in Ancient Ethics

We provide guidance on teaching a comparative ancient ethics course (including Confucian, Mohist, Daoist, Buddhist, Hindu, Egyptian, and Mesoamerican philosophies, in addition to classical Greek and Hellenistic ones).

The Virtues of Good Students

What are the virtues that enable students to flourish as students, and how can we as teachers help our students cultivate those virtues? In this panel presentation, we will discuss our experiences in using virtue-focused pedagogy across multiple …

Sumak Kawsay: An Andean Perspective on the Good Life

I offer a philosophical interpretation of the Andean concept of *sumak kawsay* as a plausible account of the good life.

Augusto Salazar Bondy's Philosophy of Value

I provide an introduction to and reconstruction of Augusto Salazar Bondy's philosophy of value.

Korsgaard and Social Self-Constitution

I offer an interpretation of Korsgaard's paradox of self-constitution and sketch out a solution through the social nature of agency.

Extending the Second-Personal Standpoint

Explores extending the second-personal standpoint to account for the moral status of non-second-personally-competent agents.