Faculty Strategies for Improving Graduate Student Teaching


What can faculty do to help their graduate students become better teachers and TAs? In this panel and discussion, graduate students will present their perspectives on and ideas for easy-to-implement strategies that faculty members can use to improve graduate student TAing for their own classes, graduate student teaching , and preparing their graduate students to become pedagogically effective professors in the future. We will discuss ways to ensure that TAs are prepared, effective at leading sections and discussions, and can fairly and accurately grade and comment on undergraduate student work. We will talk about how to transform TAing responsibilities into learning opportunities for graduate students. For graduate students' solo teaching, we will offer some techniques that professors can incorporate into graduatelevel coursework that improves graduate student pedagogy, and ways that departments can create discussions about improving discipline-specific pedagogy. We will also mention some worries and concerns that graduate students have as new TAs and teachers, and how faculty members can best respond to those.

May 23, 2018
Georgetown University, Washington, DC