Bulk Convert Student Papers from .docx to .pdf with pandoc

When students submit papers electronically as .docx files, I prefer to convert them to .pdf files with a single format with a nice font. This makes them easier and more pleasant to read (and cuts down on trickery with fonts sizing, kerning, line spacing, and so on). Here’s an easy way to do this: You’ll need to have rename, pandoc, and LaTeX (with xelatex) installed. Here’s the easy, three-step process:

Installing MinionPro for LaTeX on Mac OS X Yosemite

Exporting to .pdf via latexmk in Org Mode 8.0

I am a big fan of Org-Mode. I like its pared-down syntax and general power. One problem that I was having, though, was getting my citations to show up in my exported PDFs–the export mechanism just wasn’t processing them. There is a pretty easy solution to this, though–you can use latexmk as the export process. This thread on StackExchange gives suggestions on how to do that with some earlier version(s) of Org-Mode, but it wasn’t working in my more recent version.

Footnotes to Endnotes with biblatex-chicago

I recently wanted to convert my footnotes to endnotes while using biblatex-chicago . I was surprised by how easy the process was–three simple steps: I first added \usepackage{endnotes} and then \let\footnote=\endnote to the document. Then, in the biblatex-chicago options, I added notetype=endonly to the package options: \usepackage[notes,isbn=false,backend=biber,notetype=endonly]{biblatex-chicago}. You can add whatever other options you want. Before the bibliography, I added \theendnotes. This just prints out your endnotes.